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Unleashing Your
Life’s Purpose

Video Call

Presented by Vonte Clark & Kaya J

Embark on a transformative journey with "Destiny Decoded," an extraordinary course led by the dynamic duo, Vonte Clark and Kaya J – Psychic Medium & Intuitive Development Coach. Have you ever pondered the profound questions about your existence and life's purpose? Join our 6-week course as we unravel the cosmic mysteries by delving into your unique cosmic blueprint – your birth chart, seamlessly combined with intuitive coaching and guidance.

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In "Destiny Decoded," we guide you through the exploration of your soul mission and purpose. Whether you're seeking clarity on your life’s purpose or looking for additional guidance and support on your known purpose, this course is tailored to unlock those mysteries. Immerse yourself in a transformative experience that combines the wisdom of astrology and with direct intuitive coaching expertise. Your destiny awaits, and it's time to decode the path to your true purpose.

4/23 - Intro

Description: An engaging introduction, where we embark on a journey to understand the essence of your soul's purpose. Get acquainted with the profound wisdom that awaits within, creating a foundation for a transformative exploration. Embrace the warmth of self-discovery and embark on a path towards unlocking the true meaning of your soul's purpose.


4/30 Identifying Your Soul's Purpose 

Description: Learn to identify, embrace, and honor your unique soul's purpose through the guidance of your birth chart and intuitive/soul coaching. You'll gain insights into harmonizing with your life's true calling. Unleash the potential within as you navigate the profound synergy of astrology and intuitive coaching.


5/7 - Flowing With Purpose

Description: This class provides essential insights on navigating and harmonizing with your soul's purpose. Gain the tools to align yourself with the natural flow of your unique path.

5/14 - Identifying Soul Blockages & Misalignment 

Description:  Learn how to identify and navigate blockages and misalignments on your journey. Gain valuable insights into overcoming obstacles that hinder your purpose. Discover the keys to unlocking your true path and living authentically aligned with your purpose.\


5/21 - Staying Focused & Application 

Description: Unlock the tools to sustained focus and how maximize opportunities on your purpose journey. Learn practical tools and techniques to stay aligned and enhance your path, equipping you with the skills to navigate your purpose with precision. Seize the opportunities that align with your journey and thrive in the pursuit of your true calling.


5/28 - Close Out/Summary 

Description: Conclude your transformative journeyby  Review and consolidate all the wisdom gained about your soul's purpose. Engage in insightful Q&A sessions and seize the opportunity to practice, gaining further clarity. Join us for a concluding session that ensures you leave with a deep understanding of your unique path and the tools to continue unfolding your soul's purpose.


6/4 - Graduation @ 8PM EST (Held On The Clubhouse App) 

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