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Adult Students

Transit/Forecasting Classes

Have you always been interested in learning about transits and how the planets impact your past, present, and future? This service is a virtual group setting in which you will be able to learn about certain topics associated with transit and forecasting. It will take place on the Zoom App, where you will be able to learn, take notes, and ask questions.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Upcoming Topics

2/28 - Intro To Transits / Planets

Description: Learn the essentials of transits, from defining what they are to pulling up and navigating a transit chart. Discover the dynamics of planets in transit, unraveling their functions and operations as they move through your houses and aspect your natal planets. 


3/6 - Houses In Transit

Description: Gain insights into how planets operate within houses, unravel the functions of each house in a transit chart, and discover the profound significance they hold.


3/13 - Aspects In Transit

Description: Learn how the positions of transit planets influence your life when they aspect your natal planets. Uncover the intricacies of these interactions and gain valuable insights into their impact.


3/20 - North & South Node in Transit & Pivotal Transit Cycles

Description: Discover the profound significance of transiting North and South Nodes, and unlock the secrets of pivotal life cycles such as nodal returns, Saturn returns, Saturn square, Uranus opposition, and more.


3/27 - Moon Cycles  

Description: Understand the impact of Moon Cycles on your life and learn to maximize their influence. In a concise yet insightful session, discover how to harness the power of these cycles for personal growth and fulfillment.


4/3 - Profections  

Description: Uncover the significance of “Profection Years,” aligning each age with the houses in your birth chart, providing a roadmap for preparation and insight. You'll learn to navigate and make the most of each year.


4/10 - Profections Part 2 

Description: Learn to interpret the significance of each Profection Year, gaining valuable insights into your personal journey. In a concise yet enlightening session, discover the tools to navigate and understand the unique narrative of each phase.


4/17 - Putting It All Together

Description: Hosting Readings and Strategic Path Preparation." Learn to seamlessly combine your transit knowledge, offering insightful readings to clients. Gain strategic tools to navigate your own path. Tou'll acquire the skills to weave together astrology wisdom for both guidance and personal growth.


4/24 - Graduation 7pm est (Held On The Clubhouse App)

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