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About Me

Meet De Vonte’ Clark


Founder and CEO

Born and raised in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area (DMV) 

Beginning at the age of 11, De Vonte’s curiosity about the meaning and purpose of life, as well as our existence, led him to delve deep into the celestial and spiritual arts, psychology and trauma healing. This longing for meaning, clarity and answers sparked his fascination with astrology and human behavior, this ignited a lifelong journey of studying and applying astrology to his every day, life, and interactions with others.

Today, De Vonte’ Clark has been dedicated professionally to his craft for three years and is on a mission to leave a legacy of teaching people, and unlocking their fullest potential through radical honesty with the self. as well as gentle forgiveness, and love for the self. He is dedicated to providing individuals with the tools they need to unlock their fullest potential, helping them navigate the intricate tapestry of their own lives.

De Vonte’ is widely recognized for his exceptional work on the Clubhouse app starting in the winter of 2020, where he consistently hosted rooms and classes that revolved around embracing one's astrological makeup, awakening to a new paradigm, healing old wounds, and fostering forgiveness. His unique approach, which blends profound wisdom with a nurturing atmosphere, creates a space where personal growth is not only possible but enjoyable. De Vonte has been on an incredible journey since 2020, opening three unique schools, all centered around astrology and self-transformation.

These schools are Birth Chart School, Advanced Birth Chart School, and Transit and Forecasting School. Each of these learning, opportunities, serves as a valuable tool to guide and support countless students on their personal paths of growth and discovery. But that's not all; there's another fascinating facet to De Vonte that you might not have known about. He possesses a remarkable sense of humor and, in collaboration with a dear friend within the Esoteric space, they've created something truly special—ASTRO-COMEDY. This innovative venture allows the audience to simultaneously laugh and learn, blending entertainment and education in a unique and engaging way.

With even more projects and tools in the pipeline, De Vonte remains dedicated to helping individuals on their journey towards enlightenment, healing, and self-improvement. His passion for guiding others shines through in every endeavor, making a positive impact on countless lives.

With De Vonte’ Clark at the helm, our business is committed to guiding you on a transformative journey, helping you embrace your unique essence, and ensuring that you not only heal but thrive along the way.

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